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Workshops and Webinars for Financial Advisors

Our workshop-and-webinar strategy is second to none

It’s no secret that traditional workshops and webinars don’t convert the way they once did. We’ve developed strategies that result in higher conversion rates. Let us teach you how you can increase the efficiencies of your workshops and webinars.

Increase Registrations

Reduce No-Shows

Convert More Prospects Into Clients

Let us Guide you on the Topics Your Potential Clients Care About

Our turnkey Educational Workshop Program gives our advisors all the resources they need (scripts, powerful visuals, and timely data) to deliver polished and professional educational workshops in-person or online. These are designed to help make sure you are speaking to the right people with a message that will compel attendees to make that first appointment with you.

Popular Topics Include:

Estate Planning Workshop

This program partners you with an estate planning attorney to help retirees and near-retirees understand why estate planning encompasses not just wills and trusts, but also the accumulation and preservation of their assets.

Social Security Workshop

Retirees and near-retirees are eager for expert guidance to help them learn how to maximize their Social Security benefits. This workshop gives you the opportunity to do exactly that.


Many retirees want to learn more about RMDs. We can help you position yourself as a financial educator qualified to help them understand whether their asset allocation is right for taking RMDs.

Join the Winning Team

Get the same high-quality resources, services, and support offered by others, with a personalized approach, tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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