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Sales Training for Financial Advisors

Are you Ready to Increase Your Sales and Shorten the Sales Process?

At Advisors’ Academy, we provide sales training for financial advisors who are serious about taking their business to a new level of growth and success. Our advisor sales training programs provide training designed to help serious advisors develop and strengthen the skills needed for growing and maintaining success and expanding their reach within the financial services industry. Whether you are a new advisor, a more experienced advisor, or even if you are the leader of your own firm, you know that getting in front of new prospects isn’t enough. In order to turn those prospects into clients, proper sales training is a must.

Increase Sales

Improve Closing Ratio

Uncover More Opportunities

David Scranton’s Turnkey Sales Process

During his 30+ years in the industry, David Scranton has created and perfected his turnkey Scranton Sales Process—which is proven to help advisors dramatically boost their sales and closing ratios while always putting their clients’ best interests first.


The Scranton Sales Process was designed for precision by allowing you to categorize prospects and select the wedges and analogies for the right situations.


Not every person is going to fit easily into a particular category, and often there are situations that hinge on knowing the Sales Process well enough to be able to improvise with it.


Weekly training through webinars and role-playing scenarios. Hearing how he and other advisors use the Sales Process to handle unique situations will help you prepare for similar situations. 

Take Advantage of the Best Financial Advisor Sales Training Program

As a member of Advisors’ Academy, you will learn to use the Scranton Sales Process. In addition to learning the sales process, we also provide coaching on the best ways to improve the overall efficiency of your operation so you can remain focused on the activities that generate the most revenue for your practice. If you are ready, put the Scranton Sales process to work for you and grow your business.

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