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Richard Hanna

Digital Marketing Manager

Richard Hanna serves as the Digital Marketing Manager for Sound Income Group, where he plays a pivotal role in integrating cutting-edge AI technology into the company’s operations. An innovator in his field, Richard was instrumental in introducing AI solutions to Sound Income Group, significantly enhancing the company’s digital marketing strategies and client engagement processes.

With a strong academic background from Florida International University, Richard holds a degree in Liberal Studies, which has provided him with a well-rounded perspective and a unique approach to digital marketing. His education has been a key factor in his ability to understand diverse market segments and tailor marketing strategies accordingly.

In his role, Richard is responsible for overseeing the company’s digital marketing initiatives and coaches advisors on leveraging AI technologies effectively. This dual role underscores his commitment to both technological advancement and team development.

Outside of his professional life, Richard is an ardent lover of Christmas, a passionate Disney enthusiast, and an avid sports fan. His diverse interests reflect his dynamic personality and his ability to connect with people and ideas from various walks of life.

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