How To Book Your Travel

Essential Reimbursement Information

How To Book My Flights?

Once you’ve noted your maximum travel allowance as stipulated here, please book your flights as you normally would, whether that be directly with an airline or with a local travel agent.

How to Book My Accommodation? Once you have decided on your arrival and departure dates, please enter the flight details into your registration form. You can and should still register without this information if you are yet to book flights, but no accommodation will be held for you until you enter your arrival and departure details. Please email Lauren Touitou if you plan on arriving before the May 5th or departing after the May 9th, to enquire about room rates and availability. Per our contracted group reservation, the Four Seasons O’ahu will offer our guests a discounted room rate for 3 days post our event dates. PLEASE NOTE: This offer only applies if the property is under 85% occupancy on said dates. If the property is over 85% occupancy, the hotel’s existing room rates will prevail. Therefore, the sooner you can book, the better.

How Will I Know If I Have Qualified For Travel Reimbursement?

Your travel reimbursement is based on qualified production level. By mid-January 2024, Erika Wilson should have received all of the 2023 final data. Please contact Erika directly at and she will advise what you qualify for.

Your production level will also determine if Sound Income Group will pay for your guests, and if so, how many.

In addition to your travel to and from Honolulu, Sound Income Group will also reimburse the cost of the following (up to the travel reimbursement limit maximum, stipulated on the grid):

  • Flexible fares.
  • Taxes and other related charges (upgrades/extra leg room) for flights booked using frequent flyer miles.
  • Flights booked using credit from canceled flights, if proof of payment for the original flight is provided.
  • Up to one checked bag.

Booking Note:

If you choose to fly with United Airlines, you can enter our group code to receive a discount.

Once on, click on “Advanced Search”, scroll down to “Upgrades, certificates and promotion codes” and enter the code: ZNXD776403

Complete the remaining search parameters as usual.

The discount ranges based on the fare class selected, e.g., economy seats will receive a 2-3% discount, while business class seats receive a 5-7% discount.

SIG Will Not Reimburse The Cost Of:

  • Flights canceled by the airline (for whatever reason including COVID-19 restrictions).
  • Flights changed or canceled by you.
  • Missed flights and any additional costs incurred.
  • Extra nights pre- or post-SGOS at Four Seasons O’ahu at Ko Olina (For this reason, we have requested you enter your credit card details on the registration form. These details will be added to your reservation at Four Seasons O’ahu at Ko Olina).
  • Travel agency fees.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Bank charges incurred for receipt of the travel reimbursement.
  • Transfers on days outside of the SGOS event dates May 5-9, 2024
  • Excessive or unreasonable charges when compared to a standard fare

Hotel Accommodation:

Once you register, we will secure your room(s) under our group block at the Four Seasons O’ahu at Ko Olina, based on the arrival and departure dates you have provided.

If you decide to add an extra room before or after your reservation dates, the hotel will offer you our group rate for three days prior and three days post, provided they have availability and are under 85% occupancy at the time of reservation. Please contact Lauren Touitou at for the group rate disclosure.

Submitting Your Travel Reimbursement Claim:

Please submit your claim on this form for reimbursement once you have booked your travel arrangements. No travel reimbursement claims will be accepted after June 1, 2024.

Once approved, our accounting department will process all reimbursements via Zelle. If you do not have your bank account linked with Zelle, please follow this link for instructions on how to do so

Sound Income Group reserves the right to deny reimbursement claims that do not comply with the rules listed on the SGOS website under “SIG Will Not Reimburse The Cost Of”.

To submit your claim, please complete the form under the Travel Reimbursement tab and be sure to attach all requested documents.

For a successful claim, you will need to submit:

  • Your completed Travel Reimbursement Form (one per qualified person).
  • Your complete travel itinerary showing your name, travel into and out of Honolulu including flight numbers, departure and arrival times, the name of the airline and cost of the airfare.
  • The invoice showing the full cost of your travel (from the airline or travel agency).
  • Any additional receipts.


Once we have confirmed that you attended SGOS 2024 for the complete program dates, we will begin to process all claims. Reimbursements will be made within a 3 week period beginning June 1st, 2024.

Welcome to Hawaii

Where: Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina


When: May 5-9, 2024


Deadline: Friday, January 19, 2024

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