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Retirement Parties

Many of you have probably heard of financial advisors who throw retirement parties for their clients as a lead generation tool. Generally it’s a great idea, but it’s only effective if you approach it in the right way. Like the Birthday Party strategy, this operates on the premise that close friends and acquaintances of your clients are likely to have a lot in common with those clients, and therefore make good potential referrals. So if you give one of your most loyal, A-level clients the opportunity to invite people to a retirement party you’re throwing in his honor, odds are those people are going to be some of his closest acquaintances, and thus great referral candidates.

Obviously, though, you can’t do a financial seminar at a retirement party, so turning these party guests into referrals and making this work as a lead generation strategy requires a “secret sauce.” Our “secret sauce” is incredibly effective and allows you to consistently convert a high percentage of your client’s 15-30 party guests into prospects, then appointments, and then clients.

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