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Unfortunately, surveys consistently show that most Americans are sadly lacking when it comes to basic “financial literacy.” The result is that many end up making common investing and retirement planning mistakes they could have avoided.

Scranton Academy for Financial Education LTD (S.A.F.E.) is dedicated to providing no-cost financial education as a public service.

We believe creating an informed, knowledgeable population that understands the principles of strategic investing and portfolio management is important on two fronts: it not only helps those individuals control the health and safety of their personal assets, but also contributes to the strength and stability of our national economy overall.

The primary goal is to arm consumers with information that helps them make smart investment decisions, and/or prepares them to work knowledgeably with their brokers or advisors to develop financial strategies with which they are comfortable.

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1921 Boston Post Road
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Scranton Academy for Financial Education LTD is comprised of a network of qualified financial professionals who volunteer their time as financial educators. Its activities are conducted throughout the fiscal year and under the personal direction of S.A.F.E. founder, David J. Scranton.

Each educator has taken and passed a series of product and strategy courses and tests built by Mr. Scranton. “It is not an easy task to become a Certified Educator for S.A.F.E. The advisor must pass a series of tests to make sure they are up to date on the latest trends and portfolio management techniques,” said Mr. Scranton.

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