David Scranton's Sales Process

‘Art’ of the sales process is just as important

Although the Scranton Sales Process was designed to be precise in allowing you to categorize prospects and select the right wedges and analogies for the right situations, it was also created with the understanding that prospects and cases aren’t always so precise, themselves. Not every person is going to fit easily into a particular category, and often there are situations that hinge on knowing the Sales Process well enough to be able to improvise with it.

This is why Dave is so committed to offering weekly training through his webinars and Stump Dave role-plays. Hearing and seeing how Dave and other advisors use the built-in flexibility of the Sales Process to handle tricky or unique situations helps you to prepare for similar situations in your own practice. It also demonstrates the importance of not just memorizing the content, but also practicing the “art” of the Sales Process. Our Sales Process is recognized by many to be the very best in the business. Ask anyone, and then give us a call to see if you qualify to become a member of Advisors’ Academy.

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