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National Television

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Advisors Academy is the only IMO or FMO that will help you increase your name identification in your territory and beyond – with results usually within the first 4 weeks! Other FMO’s may promise — and you may eventually get a taste of what it is to do an interview, but first you need media training. Then, you usually sit back and wait for the local interviews, and if you are lucky, one or two interviews outside your local area may come your way as the months go by. Advisors Academy fast tracks you through “SURROUND SOUND” marketing! Our top producers consistently make national TV and syndicated Radio show interviews in 4 weeks or Less! That’s right, networks like Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg – with shows like Opening Bell, The Gerri Willis Show, World Wide Exchange, Bette Lui “in the loop”, and many, many more. No one does it better than Advisors’ Academy! Call us today to find out how we can help you get on National TV and Radio!

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