Bull's-Eye Marketing

Spend less, earn more with targeted alternatives to public seminars

Bull’s-Eye Marketing

Advisors’ Academy’s exclusive Bull’s-Eye Marketing program is a dynamic toolkit of “warmer”, cheaper alternatives to public seminars and other cold, costly marketing approaches that have become less effective over the years. These innovative, market-proven strategies are organized in the form of prospecting targets, with the warmest approaches closest to the bull’s-eye. By identifying and implementing the strategies that best suit your practice, you will:

  • Dramatically decrease the cost of generating qualified leads
  • Dramatically increase prospect-to-client conversion ratios
  • Make a crucial paradigm shift toward attracting new business instead of chasing it
  • Dramatically increase your production within 12 months*

Bull’s-Eye Marketing represents the most diverse and innovative array of lead generation tools in the financial services industry. Each system is strategically designed to maximize your marketing ROI, and ultimately help you achieve sustained business growth.

Best of all, every Advisors’ Academy approved advisor has FREE access to this powerful toolkit, along with a level of individual coaching and support that ensures success – guaranteed.

*We are so confident that we will increase production by 33 to 100 percent or more in a 12 month period that we will pay you a significant portion of our override on any business you write if we fail.

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