PMP 186: Client Referral Live Webinar or Dinner

Advisor Script:

Hosting an educational Live Webinar or Client/Referral Dinner is a great way to educate, retain, and find new opportunities with your loyal clients. It is also an excellent way to gain more referrals. Here is an opportunity to spin off the Mini Mother Teresa Script to ask for names and emails of their friends to invite to this live webinar!
As many advisors are focusing on client review meetings over the phone, this is the optimal time to also be gathering referrals. Using the Mini Mother Teresa Script at the end of client review phone calls is a very soft approach to ask for referral names and emails. Remember, we never ask for phone numbers or addresses, as those are major reasons why clients won’t give us referrals!

Staff Script:

“I wanted to let you know about a very important educational webinar that (Advisor Name) will be hosting. We are inviting our loyal clients to attend this live Prepare & Protect Your Finances Webinar on (Day/Date/Time) from the comfort of your own home. (Advisor Name) will be discussing:

  • How the Election Results may Affect Your Assets
  • Tax Saving Strategies under the new administration
  • Income Strategies in a low interest rate environment

After this call, I will send you an email with all the details. (Advisor Name) would really appreciate it if you could invite any friends and family that you think could benefit from watching as well.
Can you think of anyone I could add to our email invite list? Either way, I will send you an email with all the details and it will be very easy to sign up and watch. Feel free to send me an email with anyone you would like me to add to the list or you can also forward that email I send you to your friends and family as well.”


New Digital Campaigns:

1. – 3 days prior to the scheduled webinar:

  • Advisor calls 10 clients
  • Staff calls 30 client

2. – 2 days prior to the scheduled webinar:

  • Advisor calls 10 clients
  • Staff calls 30 clients

3. – 1 day prior to the scheduled webinar.

  • Advisor calls 10 clients
  • taff calls 30 clients

4.  – Day of the Webinar:

  • Staff calls all clients that said they wanted to attend to remind them

Email Campaign:

  1. – 3 days prior to the scheduled webinar, send to all clients
  2. – 2 days prior to the scheduled webinar, send to all clients
  3. – 1 day prior to the scheduled webinar, send to all clients
  4. – 30 minutes prior to the start time of the webinar, send to all clients

Email Template:

Download Script

Webinar Platforms:

There are several webinar platforms that you can choose to use for live webinars. We have used both GoToWebinar and Zoom, but there are others you can choose from as well. The choice is yours, and you are responsible for testing the technology prior to the webinar to ensure you don’t have any last-minute issues.

  • Download Zoom Instructions

Live Webinars:

The “Live” campaigns will be for a scheduled date and time. The timeframe of the marketing campaigns are critical to the success of these webinars. If you start marketing it too far in advance, you will have a huge falloff in attendance. There are several additional steps you will need to take to reduce the falloff in attendance, as well as to engage the audience:

  • Send the webinar link the morning of the webinar and 30 minutes prior
  • Reminder call the day of the webinar
    • Staff can make the reminder call to all clients that said they wanted to attend
    • Calls should start 2+ hours prior to the webinar starting
  • Integrate slides to the live webinar
    • Staff will have to be able to integrate slides at the appropriate times throughout the presentation
  • These must be either cued by the advisor or staff following the script
  • Engaging prospects during/after the webinar
    • As prospects type in questions, the advisor should recognize and engage these prospects by name
    • Either the staff holds up questions for advisor throughout, or the advisor is watching the computer, choosing when to bring up questions asked

15-minute Call Confirmation:

Once you have engaged and scheduled a “15-minute” call with a webinar prospects, make sure you send them both the confirmation package/folder and email. It’s even more important with webinar prospects, because they never got your workshop folders and
contents. You want to send a confirmation letter with the package, just like you normally do with regular workshop prospects that schedule appointments.

Confirmation Package/Folder:

Corona-Economy Confirm Letter/Email
Business Card
Directions to Office
Company Brochure
1 or 2 Branded Commissioned Reports

If you have any other questions, or would like to schedule a coaching call, please email or call Samantha Maher at (954) 870-6731.

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