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Mani Pedi Day

Women from all walks of life love pampering themselves, and most will jump at an opportunity to do just that. Even women easily able to afford their own manicures and pedicures often have busy schedules and don’t make this little luxury a priority. But when it’s presented as a surprise and an opportunity to spend time with friends, they usually can’t say no. This system capitalizes on that fact in a way that allows you to get qualified referrals from valued female clients while at the same time providing a nice reward to those clients.

Interestingly, women are generally much better referral sources and advocates than men. Men tend to be more competitive by nature; when they get something that’s good, subconsciously they don’t want to share it with others. Women, on the other hand, love to share great things they discover. If they like what you do, they’ll become your biggest fans and best advocates!

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