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Be Constructive Rather than Destructive by Being Intentional

As a business owner, you’re a leader for your employees. As an advisor, you’re a leader for your clients and prospects. At home, you’re a leader for your family. In  other words, we’re all under a lot of pressure all the time to be good leaders for several different groups. During all this – and especially when we have the “pedal to
the metal” in terms of our work schedule – it can be easy to fall into the bad habit of responding to issues and situations hastily rather than intentionally.

As I discussed in my most recent coaching video and this month’s eAdvisor  Newsletter, failing to be intentional in what we say and do is not just a bad habit but a dangerous one because the risks can include damaging relationships with our staff, clients, and family members, as well as losing revenue.

Here’s an example as it relates to your staff. Say a team member comes into your office to discuss an issue and rather than take the time or effort to be intentional, you just blurt out a response that turns out to be destructive rather than constructive. While it may have been easier just to blurt something out in the heat of a busy day, the ultimate cost to your business could end up being severe. Remember, your employees are your most important assets. You owe it to them, and to your business, to take the time and effort to be intentional in these kinds of situations – to be
constructive rather than destructive.

If it’s a situation you’re not sure about or feel you don’t have time for, use the 24-your rule. Tell the person, “Let me get back to you on that,” then take a day to think about it. If it’s a team member you have an issue with, do what I do and use the Culture Index to help you determine how to have a constructive conversation with this particular person. Be intentional. Take advantage of the situation to make it a coachable moment that improves the relationship and leads to a positive outcome, rather than simply blurting something out that unintentionally damages the relationship along with your status as a leader and, ultimately, your business. 

For more on this topic, be sure to watch my November 2 video and read the November eAdvisor Newsletter.

Have a great, productive week!

Dave Scranton

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