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Take your production and your career to new heights

Starting with David Scranton himself, the Advisors’ Academy coaching staff is comprised of highly trained and qualified industry professionals with vast experience in working with advisors to help them reach new heights in their production and their careers. Primary Coaches will proactively communicate with you on a regular basis so you have on-call access to the entire coaching team, as well as all Advisors’ Academy department heads.

Increase your production today!


  • David Scranton
    David Scranton Coach / Founder
  • Steve Archer
    Steve Archer Coach / Director of Training
  • Steve Cox
    Steve Cox Coach / Vice President
  • Brandon Moll
    Brandon Moll Coach
  • Andrew Thorpy
    Andrew Thorpy Coach / Marketing
  • Erika Wilson
    Erika Wilson Marketing & Event Manager
  • Kathleen Balistreri
    Kathleen Balistreri Coaching Coordinator
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